Traditional Quaker Wedding Certificate

Traditional Quaker Wedding Certificate

Joe and Carol wrote me an email that led to a new calligraphic adventure:

“I’m getting married at the end of September and I’d like to see if you can write a marriage certificate similar to one written for my great, great, grand parents in 1841. It was written on parchment about 24 inches wide and 28 inches high.”

 Below is a photo they sent me.  The signatures of the witness on the back of the document show through onto the front.  This is something we changed about the modern document for Joe and Carol.

Quaker wedding certificate

Joe’s Great Great Grandfather’s 19th Century Quaker Certificate


In preparing to write the document, I carefully laid it out to be the same size as the original 19th Century document.  This is because Joe and Carol wanted to hang the two documents side by side.  Then I copied the slant and size of the original Copperplate lettering, adjusting it to fill the overall size correctly.  The bulk of the calligraphy is done in Sumi ink with a Gillott 303 pressure-sensitive pointed nib.  Written on Arches Text Wove paper.


Traditional Quaker Wedding Certificate

Divine Assistance Detail


I did the enhanced words in the text by copying the original lettering style and drawing with a crow quill nib and Sumi ink.



Traditional Quaker wedding certificate

Section Introducing the Witnesses’ Signatures


Joe and Carol liked it!


“The wedding certificate arrived today.  We could hardly wait to open it! (Even the lettering on the box was great!)  The certificate is truly a work of art! Carol and I love it! We were amazed and in awe, looking at each of the words with their distinctive curls, curves and loops. The ‘Whereas’ is very beautiful.  It even beats the original!!

We will have the original certificate at the wedding for people to see while they  are signing ours.  We think our guests will be excited to be part of creating a new chapter of  family  history and enjoy the story behind it.  After the wedding, we will have both documents framed and displayed side by side for a lifetime keepsake.

Your passion for your work shows in every stroke of the pen.  Thank you for sharing your incredible  talent with us! “

Joe and Carol



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