Reception Pieces

Two Brides, a Valentine Wedding in Sedona

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  More beautiful than any cathedral, the rock formations in Sedona provide the setting for Kris and Kim's wedding celebration. Their guests were warned to be ready for a short hike up to the clearing they chose for their ceremony, and we all came prepared.  Even the brides word hiking shoes… white lace! ! Waiting for the Brides [...]

Custom Handmade Book for Signing

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I make these books for the client's very special occasion.  They are left open at the party for people to write in, add photos and memorabilia, stickers, etc.  Great for friends, colleagues and family to honor their friend at a birthday, bridal shower, retirement, or family gathering.  Visit me on Etsy to order your own here. [...]

Teal and Silver Place Cards

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These little cards were designed on Wedding Paper Divas.  The paper was excellent to write on.  After trying several silver inks, I decided on Winsor & Newton Silver Designer Gouache.  I thinned it a bit and added a little teal coloring to darken it.  The writing is copperplate done with a Zebra G nib.

Wedding Program

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These wedding programs took the bridesmaids hours to complete with antique ribbon from the bride's grandmother.  On the wedding day they were left behind and had to be rescued by our amazing wedding planner, Rhonda Harsh-Haynes at the last minute from the locked Bed and Breakfast.  Well worth everyone's effort, I think, because they were so beautiful. The back lists [...]