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Tree of Life with Multicolored Flourishes

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Joanna and Dennis chose a delicate Spencerian calligraphy for their text, a pen and ink drawing of two entwined trees, and two little squirrels representing themselves.  Their wedding color scheme used citrus colors, so I added these as the color details in the flourishing to match the blossoms I painted in the trees. Citrus Colors Palette for [...]

Traditional Quaker Wedding Certificate

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Joe and Carol wrote me an email that led to a new calligraphic adventure: "I’m getting married at the end of September and I’d like to see if you can write a marriage certificate similar to one written for my great, great, grand parents in 1841. It was written on parchment about 24 inches wide and [...]

Erin & Thomas’s Wedding Certificate

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Thomas Signs Their Certificate Erin Signs Their Certificate Erin was such a sweet bride.  She started with lots of ideas for illustrations to embellish their certificate, and finally decided the best would be simple garden flowers of many colors to surround their vows.  The vows are written in Copperplate calligraphy with Sumi ink. Here [...]

Circular Wedding Certificate Border with Peonies and Peacocks

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The couple's signature lines. This wedding certificate includes the couple's favorite flowers and peacocks.  Their vows are done in italic calligraphy in the center of the floral circle, to be surrounded by the signatures of their friends and family.  The bride told me how she loves the symbolism of this.  Their vows and their [...]

Ocean Watercolor on Wedding Certificate

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Kate and Bret love the outdoors, and wanted one of their favorite places painted on their wedding certificate. Congratulations, to two inspiring, lovely people! See more Quaker Wedding Certificates

Quaker Wedding Certificate for Jaci and Ben

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Jaci and Ben wanted an elegant, yet simple wedding certificate for their guests to sign in support of their marriage.  They chose Copperplate calligraphy and light floral flourishes around their names. Congratulations, Jaci and Ben!

Wedding Certificate with Peacocks and Lemurs

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Signature flourish within Ashley and Andrew's Certificate   Lemurs on wedding certificate border. This couple wanted to include lemurs and peacocks in their wedding certificate border.   The Peacocks and feathers are done in iridescent and pearlescent paints.   Congratulations, Ashley and Andrew!