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Quaker Wedding Certificates

Image of a framed and signed Quaker Wedding Certificate


Many couples use the tradition of Quaker Wedding Certificates to commemorate their wedding ceremony. They develop a personalized certificate that contains the marriage information, vows, signature of the bride and groom, and is signed by each guest. These hand-lettered, original documents may also be embellished with illustrations or a quotation important to the couple. Many couples choose an image from their wedding site, types of flowers or trees that are important to them, or even pets.

I will work with you to get every detail just right, including the style of calligraphy, the colors and imagery, and the overall design.

I use archival paints and papers to create this lasting document of your commitment and the promise of support of your family and friends.


Each certificate is a unique work of art, and once we start your project I will talk with you to define every detail. Browse the image below to see some elements that are common in many certificates I create.


I’ve selected some sample certificates below to show you some examples of what you can do with your certificate. Please browse these for inspiration and contact me when you have some ideas for your own!

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