Custom Handmade Book for Signing

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I make these books for the client's very special occasion.  They are left open at the party for people to write in, add photos and memorabilia, stickers, etc.  Great for friends, colleagues and family to honor their friend at a birthday, bridal shower, retirement, or family gathering.  Visit me on Etsy to order your own here. [...]

‘A Mother’s Heart’ for Mothers’ Day

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'A Mother's Heart' Matted Digital Print I love this little saying, and know how true it is.  You can order these prints on my Etsy site for a new mother in your life, or for your own.  They are matted to 8x10" and  come in a crystal clear acetate envelope with a hanger on [...]

We Are the Source

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"We Live at the Very Source" watercolor with Speedball and Tape nibs on Arches cold pressed paper. "We live at the very Source. Our duty therefore is not with the canals and waterworks downstream, but to make sure that the water flows plentifully and unceasingly from the Source itself." Swami Abhishiktananda

Circular Wedding Certificate Border with Peonies and Peacocks

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The couple's signature lines. This wedding certificate includes the couple's favorite flowers and peacocks.  Their vows are done in italic calligraphy in the center of the floral circle, to be surrounded by the signatures of their friends and family.  The bride told me how she loves the symbolism of this.  Their vows and their [...]

Ocean Watercolor on Wedding Certificate

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Kate and Bret love the outdoors, and wanted one of their favorite places painted on their wedding certificate. Congratulations, to two inspiring, lovely people! See more Quaker Wedding Certificates